Top Exercise programs and what works best

Below are top exercise programs that anyone can try out to get the health and fitness desired. The best one depends on the user; therefore, select a program that best works for you according to your preference.
• P90X – This is a 12 DVD home fitness program with each one being dedicated to a particular area of the body coupled with a specific style. In the box, it includes yoga, stretching kenpo as well as plyometrics workouts. It maximizes the body through the power of muscle confusion which eventually encourages its building. Also included is a nutritional guide listing the best foods to consume in order to assist in staying healthy and restoring your energy.
Few other products are added in this routine fitness program; some of which can be packed when not immediately needed and to be used later. These products include the chin up bar, resistant bands, yoga mat and a special peak recovery formula which is aimed at regaining lost energy during work outs.

• 10 minute trainer – This is a ten minute a day training and it is essential in helping you shape up, tone sculpt and shed some weight. It comprises easy to move instructions which anyone can do. It also comes with a calendar to help you feel motivated, recipes and nutrition, and also a guidebook all aimed at increasing our chances of reaching your fitness goals. This program requires only a resistance band which is ideal for people on the go. It is a user friendly program and it allows one to use it for regular programs when schedules are a bit busier.

• Hip hop Abs – This exercise requires using a lot of energy. So if you love dancing, this program is for you. It comes with great dance moves combined with routines that you will definitely love. This program targets the ab; therefore, it includes four DVD with added buns, hips and thighs. It is also a five minute routine for use when the schedule is a bit tighter. Also included in the DVD is a diet plan and a guide to quicken the results, there is a card and a tape measure to record the progress of the inches shed from the waistline.

There are other programmed which are easier but give the fitness requirements as anyone desires. They include:-

• Superman’s – With this exercise, you get a great stretch as you try to touch the opposing wall with your fingers and toes.
• Push ups – This is an old but effective program wherby you modify intensity of your workout by changing hand placement.
• Bent knee push up – This is a great program for starters who normally struggle with traditional form of push up.
• Contra lateral limb raises – This is the best one for toning troubled upper body areas.
• Down-facing dog – This contains very important slow and controlled movements. It is a wonderful calf stretch.
• Front plank – This relaxes your back and abs
• Supine reverse crunches – This targets the entire core region, stop immediately if your back pains.
• Side plank with bent knee – This is a great way to work out around the hips by just using your own body weight without any equipment
• Cobra – This is referred to as good morning. It involves lifting the chest in sequence giving a feeling of relaxation; it is a great way to start a busy day.
• Squat Jump – Makes the heart beat faster as you work on your total body movement.
• Forward lunge – It exercises both legs, one at a time.
• Glute activation lunges – It exercise both legs and hands at the same time.
• Forward lunge with arm drive – This is an advancement of forward lunge; you gain relaxation in joints and other core areas.
• Glute bridge – This is a great exercise with slow and controlled movements
• Hip rotation – This works closely as push up position. It is the best hip exercise; do this before the push up and it will definitely stabilize your body to avoid fatigue.
• Side lunge – This is an advanced exercise requiring some movement is a static pose.
• Side lying hip abduction – It is good for the relaxation of hip bones. Lying on the side and avoiding raising the leg too high, make slow but effective movements.
• Single leg stand – This is simple; you just stand on one leg for some time, exchange with the other while still doing other things.
• Supine pelvic tilts – This is supposed to relax the abdominal area. Just tilt your waist until you feel the burn out.

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